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Little Shuttle unveils free matatu rides for city commuters

February 7th, 2019 1 min read

Ride hailing company Little has launched Little Shuttle, a bus sharing service in Nairobi that will operate on three routes.

Chief executive Kamal Budhabhatti said the service will have a shuttle frequency of two hours intervals starting from 6.45am on weekdays.

The company plans to to add more shuttles to the three routes and add another 10 new routes.

The service was launched on Tuesday and will allow Nairobi resident to commute by booking a seat through the Little app.

The trial phase of Little shuttle will run through the month of February with an offer allowing commuters to use the service for free.

In a statement sent to its customers who have the app, Mr Budhabhatti said the shuttles will initially ply the Kahawa Sukari to Westlands route, Bomas, Upperhill and CBD route and the Kinoo to South B route.

“We would be adding more shuttles on these routes as well as open 10 new routes. On Sundays, we will have routes that will take you to your church and back,” said Mr Budhabbati in the statement.

Little Shuttle will join Cairo-based transportation startup Swvl which launched its bus sharing services in Nairobi earlier in January.