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Livestock thieves now milking cows at night

Livestock thieves in Kinangop, Nyandarua County have shifted from stealing the cows to milking them at night.

Sariti village is the most affected with the thugs reported to be invading homesteads and milking cows in the wee hours, shortly before the owners wake up for early morning milking sessions.

Ms Elizabeth Wambui, 78, a victim, says six of her neighbors have similarly complained of reduced milk production in the mornings, an hour the dairy cows are expected to produce double or more of milk produced in the evenings.


“I now milk three kilos every evening while I used to milk between five and seven kilos in the morning, which has now reduced to less than a kilo in the morning. I invited my veterinary officer who was unable to explain the sudden change. Apparently, the milk thieves smear the cows’ udder with dung after milking them,” said Wambui.

She said the trend started about two weeks ago.

A neighbour, Ms Rahab Wangui, said she made the discovery when she heard some movement outside the house and saw a man busy milking her cow.


“It was about 3am and we normally milk at 4am to deliver to the buyers. I alerted my brothers and mother and we silently walked to the milking area.

The thief noticed us and sneaked into the house to hide under my bed. But he managed to escape in the confusion,” said Ms Wangui.

Ms Peninnah Mugure, who is also a victim, says she could not understand why her cow, which produces 6kgs of milk in the evening, could not produce a kilo in the morning.

“It was hard to suspect that someone is milking the cows at night, they smear the cows with dung after milking such that one cannot suspect anything,” said Mugure.