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Lolani Kalu: Lack of policies is eating up our artistry industry

By Wangu Kanuri December 7th, 2022 2 min read

Renowned media personality Lolani Kalu has blamed the government for the plight of artistes, saying there are no policies for arts, culture and heritage.

In an interview with Buzz Central, Lolani said lack of policies goes way back during the tenure of the first Head of State the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, adding that the leaders never comprehended what arts, culture and heritage was all about.

“From way back, the leaders only accorded the art enthusiast platform within the country and not international platforms. Other countries benefited and not Kenya,” he said, adding that the preservation of heritage and culture has fashioned even the music today.

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The actor also noted that present-day musicians are not in touch with their culture and that is why Nigeria is doing better than Kenya in music.

“We have so many stories that we can tell through such platforms as Netflix and Showmax. But have been unable to because of lack of policies that can protect art enthusiasts.”

However, Lolani cautioned journalists against living extravagantly through debt saying they ought to be themselves and live according to their means.

“Its okay to live luxuriously, but do not force yourself to live in a high standard then you end up taking loans,” he said.

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Lolani said that if one is blessed to live long, they should also have some money for themselves explaining that being old and with no money is detrimental as one’s health is always at stake.

“Your body is tired and you need to relax and this entails getting massages, eating good food and taking meds. If you do not have money people will even flee you and the medical bills will chock you.”

In his wisdom nuggets, Lolani also said people while they are still energetic and young to exercise and avoid drugs and substance abuse as their consequences are lethal when one is young.

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