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London concert fallout: Boutross in major dispute with UK promoter Prince Otach

Kenyan musician Boutross Munene had no words to mince on Friday, June 2, 2023, when he called out Prince Otach, the Chief Executive Officer of Kenyans in the United Kingdom, over a dispute.

In a social media rant, Boutross alleged that Prince Otach, the organizer of the Kenya Diaspora Festival that was held at he Royal Regency in London, began playing games with his pay after performing at the event which was also a celebration of the Kenya Sevens Rugby team.

Boutross said he enjoyed the event which was “beyond fire” and celebrated his fellow artistes with whom he shared the stage. He went on to allege that  after the event, “the usual promoter game” began and Prince Otach began taking them round in circles and not fulfilling his contractual obligations.

He claimed Prince Otach took them to a different hotel than had been planned for, he did not cater for their needs as agreed upon and he allegedly did not finish paying Boutross his monies.

“We are just getting started. It is good to have your own money because we were f****ed period. I was to have a car for transportation with a personal photographer and videographer, he gassed us up when he told us he would organize media interviews for us but we ended up pulling our own connects. As usual, we did everything he was supposed to do by ourselves, at our own expense. I’m sure he was just talking big and he did not know anyone there.

After we finished our job, the man didn’t pick our phone calls, I don’t know why people are like this and we are grown adults. We did our thing and the party was lit. We made a new link and got a gig in Scotland to go turn up with my people, which I did and again, fire. Shout out to 142B Lounge. The hosts were amazing,” began Boutross.

He went on to claim that Prince Otach later called the Scottish lounge and demanded they pay him the money for having Boutross perform at their establishment without informing Boutross and his team.

“I never received a cent from this man, just threats that he will cancel our visas because he was not involved in our business. Imagine he will sit somewhere, enjoying life and not giving a care of who he was to host even if we were to starve or sleep by the road side. He wouldn’t flinch but when he smells money, he jumps like a frog.

I only used to hear how promoters and how there’s a mess when artistes go abroad. This time I was in the front seat. The way you treated the OGs who graced you stage was shameful, Prince Otach. Even back home, this has to change. It’s time for us creatives to take control of and protecting our brands and image. I am out here looking for the bag too,” said Boutross.

He also told promoters that Kenyan artistes deserved stadiums and not just halls to perform in; and called out such characters of promoters who misuse others.

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