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London to Egypt! How Eric Omondi keeps embarrassing Kenya abroad

Renowned comedian Eric Omondi is leaving no stone unturned in his unquenchable thirst for clout, even if it means resorting to street begging abroad.

During his concert tour of the United Kingdom, the entertainer shocked his fans by sharing a video on Instagram that captured him holding a placard, pleading for help .

“Please help, things are very bad,” the message in the placard read.

Compassionate passers-by contributed money into his cap as he stood on the streets of London.

In the caption accompanying the video, the funnyman revealed his intention to utilize the funds to purchase maize meals for struggling families in Kenya and support to upcoming content creators.

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“While in the UK, I took some time to raise money on the streets of London to support fellow Kenyans because times are tough. I managed to raise Sh340,000, which I will use to buy maize flour for a few Kenyans and laptops for upcoming content creators,” he said.

Opinions among his fans were divided, with some applauding his efforts while others expressed skepticism.

“Eric, you are turning things upside down both at home and away, just like Manchester City,” one Instagram user commented.

Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi with his version of the 10 Commandments. PHOTOS | COURTESY

This is not the first time the comedian has unleashed his antics abroad.

In May 2022, he took his 75% airplay campaign to Egypt, advocating for increased local airplay and content.

During his visit to Egypt, Eric made the most of the opportunity by visiting Mount Sinai, the famous mountain associated with Moses from the Bible.

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He creatively reenacted the biblical story while urging his fans to respect his name and laid down several commandments, including supporting local talent, promoting unity and showing reverence for elders.

In 2016, while on his comedy world tour in the United States, Eric resorted to performing as a street acrobat at Times Square to supplement his income.

He amazed onlookers and managed to earn $65 (approximately Sh6,500) within two minutes. He proudly shared his success on Instagram, exclaiming: “This is how people make it in America!”

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