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Lonely ex-husband wants Jay Dee back after four years of divorce

January 28th, 2019 1 min read

Renowned Tanzanian radio presenter Gardner Habbash has addressed claims of getting back with his ex-wife veteran singer Lady Jay Dee also known as Jide.

The two parted four years ago in a messy divorce.

The claims of a possible reunion started after the celebrated presenter – for the first time since their divorce back in 2014 – posted a TBT photo of him holding her then wife Jide.

The photo was taken during the Kenya Kisima Awards 2008 in which Jide won in two categories ‘Song of The Year’ and ‘Collaboration of The Year’ with the hit song ‘Anita’ featuring Matonya.

The picture elicited various reactions from fans who argued that Gardner was missing his ex-wife.

Jide has has since moved on and has been dating Nigerian hunk Spicy, although it’s rumored they have already split.

Gardener appeared in an interview to clarify why he posted the photo, acknowledging that he has never forgotten his ex-wife even after their divorce.

“Niseme wazi kwamba mimi sijawahi kumsahau Lady Jay Dee ndio maana mtu akiniambia nimemkumbuka, nashangaa kwa sababu mtu unayemkumbuka ni yule uliyemsahahu. Lakini kwangu yeye sijamsahau hata kidogo. Yupo tu siku zote kwenye akili yangu,” Gardner confessed.

When pressed for details, Gardener became elusive.

“Hilo la kurudiana? Kwa kweli naomba tuliache kwanza, tuliache hivyo hivyo,” Gardenr added.

Jide divorced Gardner after 11 years of marriage amid claims of infidelity.

Some quarters also alleged that Jide inability to bear Gardner a child also contributed to their divorce.

The presenter is a father to a teenage daughter from a previous relationship.