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Lonely Kalekye Mumo reveals no serious guy has ever hit on her

Former K24 TV host Kalekye Mumo has revealed that no serious man has ever approached her for a relationship or marriage in her 42 years of existence.

The radio presenter turned TV host switched roles in her last episode of the Talk Central show and took questions from actor Martin Githinji.

She said she was attracting the attention of ‘young boys’ while working in radio.

Asked if she was single by choice, Kalekye said she did not intentionally choose to be unmarried and is still praying for a partner.

In December 2018, Kalekye revealed that she was dreading Christmas because of the usual question from her relatives of “utaolewa lini?”

Kalekye has also revealed that she plans to launch her media network where she will discuss issues that are close to her heart.