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Longomba still in need of your help

Singer Christian Longomba who had a successful surgery in May to remove a brain tumour is in desperate need of help from well-wishers to clear a huge medical bill that he has accumulated in hopital .

Christian, who is based in the United States, suffered a seizure on May 18th 2015 and was diagnosed with falx and parassagittal meningiomas.

According to his relative Lovy Longomba, neurosurgeons discovered a large tumor close to his sinuses.

Though the first surgery was successful, Christian had to undergo a second operation after doctors found blood clots in his brain.

Online reports indicate that 90 percent of the tumor has been removed, and Christian is now recovering in hospital.


According to his family, doctors say the singer still needs to go through six weeks of radiation to completely rid him of the tumour.

Christian’s family has appealed for support toward meeting his medical bills, explaining that the specialized treatment has come at a hefty cost.

Being away from home and not being able to work, has left the musician with a huge medical bill of almost Sh 2 million.

With permission from his family, family friend Daddy V is managing the GoFundMe page on Facebook to help raise funds to cover Christian’s medical bills and any other expenses.

So far the family has received Sh900,000 through the GoFundMe campaign.