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You can’t miss out on looking up Nairobi sky tonight at 10:30pm

Nairobians will be among the few sky watchers who will have the opportunity to witness a total lunar eclipse on Friday night.

The second lunar eclipse of 2018 will be the longest in the 21st century having 103 minutes of the total eclipse.

The lunar eclipse begins on Friday 8:14pm and ends on Saturday 2:28am.

A total eclipse will be visible in Nairobi from 10:30pm to 13 minutes past midnight.


Why you should look up to the sky tonight at 6:57pm

During the 107 minutes, the moon will turn blood red in color.

On January 31st, the super blood moon that combines a lunar eclipse, blue moon and super moon was partially visible forming a penumbral eclipse in Kenya between 6:57pm and 7:08pm.

The last time Kenyans enjoyed a total lunar eclipse was on September 28 2015 but the country has had a couple of partial solar and lunar eclipses.