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Lorry incidents leads to prolonged power outage in Roysambu

Residents of Roysambu in Nairobi have experienced a prolonged power outage stretching 18 hours.

Nairobi News understands the residents along the TRM drive were left in the dark following an incident in which a food supply truck disconnected an electric cable after getting stuck while on the move.

Alex Ofwenyi a fruit vendor in the area, told Nairobi News the truck got hooked to a power cable, and an effort by the driver to detach the cable led to the electric pole falling.

Following the incident, an electric pole is now dangling close to people’s homes and some electric cables are submerged in the water pools on the road.

Mr Ofwenyi says other than the power outage, his business has also been affected since the electric cables now run over his business.

“Clients don’t want to buy from me for fear of being electrocuted by the hanging cable. Even after letting them know that the power was disconnected they still hold some revelation from approaching my stall,” he says

Another resident, Fredric Shaka, a barber, says he has been running his business on a generator since the outage, which he says is too costly.

” Every five-liter diesel refill I make in the generator runs for five hours or less. This is too costly especially when you don’t have clients streaming in for a cut, I hope this issue is sorted soon,” he explained.

Mary Nyambu a tenant adjacent to where the incident happened, notes that her fear of hanging power cables and an electric pole on the verge of falling is because her children are currently at home for holidays.

” Children are naturally playful and my worry is if they get to play near the pole. I hope the issues are resolved so that we don’t live in constant worry,” she said

As of 10 am on November 18, 2023, a section of the road has since been closed off by workers from the Kenya Power and Light Company ( KPLC) who are trying to contain the situation.

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