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Lost some friends when you got married? Here is why

Nairobi women recently started a discussion to find out why their girlfriends no longer call them after getting married.

In the thread of comments posted on popular Chit Chat Facebook group, some women explained how most girlfriends just opt to give their married friends time to adjust to their new status as wives.

Some women, however, admitted to keeping off due to jealousy, especially when their girlfriends get married to loving men.

Others explained that how one relates with her girlfriends after marriage depends on what she shares with her friends concerning her husband.

“My childhood friends and my best friend no longer talk to me… we were like twin sisters before but after I got married she started behaving weirdly in that if I don’t initiate a talk hata salamu sitapata. It went on like that to a point where nigemuuliza somethings ananijibu like she ain’t interested and when I got fed up nikaacha kumtext that is how she kept quiet. I truly don’t know the sole reason behind all this,” one woman narrated.


One replied: “Yea, if u marry a good, caring and loving man, unlike me niko na chali player hata hashughuliki na mimi, walai sitakuongelesha.”

Another wrote, “My friends know the drill, once they get married, I don’t call kila wakati no matter how hot the mucene is. Weekends kwanza issa no. They are still my friends and I love them but their marriage is a whole other responsibility on them. We find a workable way of communicating.”

One woman explained, “But it all depends on how you celebrate your union in their presence or if you ever talking about your plans or husband all the time insensitively, then you bound to experience this.”

Another added, “I can’t say it’s jealousy, most ladies when they get married they start seeing their single friends as threats to their marriage, some even go to the extent of telling people behind your back that you are interested in their men… so to avoid drama, KEEP OFF!”

A user commented, “But from my own experience I will say most ladies change when they get married, you find it hard to relate as before.”

One added, “Definitely friendship can never be like before but it slowly fades.”