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Louis Otieno had sleepovers at Careen’s house – witness

Former television news anchor Louis Otieno was a frequent visitor at the apartment of Ms Careen Chepchumba and used to sleep overnight, an inquest heard on Tuesday.

Ms Chepchumba, a former Kenya Power employee, was found murdered in her apartment four years ago.

Mr John Njoroge, a security guard at Santonia court apartments where Ms Chepchumba lived, said he had instructions from the deceased to allow Mr Otieno into her house without restrictions.

Mr Njoroge said only two men, Mr Otieno and Careen’s brother, used to visit the house.

“He used to visit driving his Range Rover car. He is a person I knew very well, a TV anchor,” Mr Njoroge told the inquest.

In his testimony in June, Mr Otieno had denied being in a romantic relationship with Careen.

He also flatly denied ever having sex with Careen and insisted they were just a friends.

He however admitted that Ms Chepchumba used to visit him in his flat and that he had helped her to move from her parents house to rent her own flat.