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Louis Otieno’s son: My parents only interested in money

Veteran news anchor Louis Otieno’s son has accused his parents of soliciting cash from him even though they’d not accepted his status as a gay person.

In a message via his Twitter page, Silas Miami, who is based in South Africa, also opened up on how he was forced to remain in an abusive relationship with his male partner so as to be in a position to meet his parents’ consistent financial demands.

He says his parents first reached out to him when his dad was unwell forcing him to travel back home from South Africa.

“What they (my parents) didn’t know was that the money (to support them) was coming from an older man who was using his resources to keep me in an emotionally abusive relationship. So my mother didn’t want a gay son but was happy to accept money from her gay son’s lover? This math refuses to make sense to me,” he posed.

Miami, who describes himself as a film-maker and creative consultant, opens up on how his mother kicked him out of the house when they discovered he was gay.

“My mom and I hadn’t spoken in years. Not after she’d kicked me out for being gay. I had to figure everything out myself. I was 17.”

Miami also suggests his parents sought a reunion as they imagined he was making some money in South Africa.

“As soon as I get back to Cape Town the calls start – my mother is asking me for money – on his (my dad’s behalf. And I was foolish. I was trying to forgive. So I sent the money. Repeatedly. To a man who’d never shown up for us. For me. And my mother who’d been his victim too enabled that.”

From a famed news anchor, Otieno’s stock diminished considerably when he lost his hearing ability a few years back. At some point, he appealed to Kenyans to help him raise funds to enable him to undergo cochlear implant surgery, which he later announced was successful.

Other than the illness, Otieno has for several years battled a court case linking him to the death of Careen Chepchumba who was found dead inside her apartment at Santonia Court, Kilimani, on February 12, 2012.

Otieno has repeatedly pleaded his innocence in the killing of the former employee of Kenya Power Company even though he admitted they were more than friends.

But the deceased’s father maintains the journalist extorted money from his daughter to finance his flashy lifestyle.