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Saumu Sonko drops another hint on ‘future’ with married Senator

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s daughter Saumu Mbuvi has dropped a second hint on her rosy relations with Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip.

Saumu on Tuesday posted a picture of herself with the married Senator and publicly shared the feelings that she ‘can no longer hide’.

The hearty message was followed by a blowing kiss emoji.

“Hisia hazifichwi..kipendacho roho hula Hata nyama mbichi. Hi Future,” read Saumu’s full post.

Her followers quickly gave their feedback on what they thought about her post.

Many advised her to try and keep her relationships out of the public eye.

But the mother of one would have none of it, dishing out tackles to critics.

“How about keeping your relationship private so people who have shot to say in the first place?” said wambui wa muratha.

Saumu replied; “Binadamu hatujaumbwa Sawa yako weka private..yangu nitaweka public kwa Raha zangu.”

“Aaahh wewe pia uko confused!!! Jumping from Men to Men Give time to love yourself you will find true love,” wrote Abby eastafrican.

Saumu answered; “Enda upende nyanyako ..Take your bitterness kwengine. Heri mimi wangu wanahesabika…wewe je?? Kila siku unatega.”

“The rate at which you are able to move on, I need classes,” commented Vivicamiriti.

Saumu replied; “If you still don’t know your worth woman …just shut up. Live a miserable life Pekee yako. Pole kwako.”

Saumu and the Lamu Senator were attacked  outside a nightclub on the night of Madaraka Day by a gang armed with blunt objects.

She broke up with her former ex-lover a few months after the couple launched a nightclub, Wakanda Club, in Westlands.