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Love lives here! Ben Cyco and Wanjiru Njiru on 2 years of marriage bliss

Kenyan gospel artiste Ben Cyco has shared a brief but heartwarming tribute to his wife, lifestyle content creator Wanjiru Njiru.

In the post that saw the singer cum content creator flood his timeline with photos of their wedding, Cyco shared that his desire is to live out the rest of his life with Njiru.

The caption read, “2 years today babe, To infinity together , love you so much @wanjiru_njiru.”

The couple has been together for several years but married for only two. They have been one of several Kenyan celebrity couples who have served as the epitome of love in the limelight. But just like any other love story, theirs has not been without challenges.

Among many anecdotes shared by the couple, one that remains a buzz on the internet is when Cyco, as well as Njiru shared that they each prayed for each other’s previous relationships to fail. And so they did.

Njiru revealed via a podcast episode on YouTube just how she and Cyco broke up several times owing to different challenges.

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The travel and lifestyle vlogger disclosed how she was constantly heartbroken by her husband before he picked up his act and started treating her right.

“We met 11 years ago. There was a spark between us but Ben quickly shut it down. He wanted to be a free bird. After he quickly squashed it like a fly on the wall, we morphed into very good friends. We became good friends for a very long time. Somewhere along the way, I think our paths reconnected because we both got out of relationships at the same time. But what is not very well known is that after we reconnected and had started developing a relationship, Ben felt that the relationship he was in before me had not properly ended. So he felt the need again to squash me, and that ended again quickly. So we broke up again,” said the content creator.

Inspired by questions from their fans, the couple got to share their responses to the questions regarding their relationship before marriage and the transitions they have had leading up to today.

“He got into another relationship for a period of one week, and then after one week, he came back again. He broke up with me, went back to that other lady, then came back to me. All in a span of one week,” recalled Ms. Njiru. “In our initial break up, I remember he was nearby and I invited him to come home and have some juice and he actually came in and had some juice. Imagine you’ve been dumped and your ex comes over to your place to have juice,” she added.

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The YouTuber further revealed that after the second break up, she took some time to heal saying, “After that breakup, I didn’t date anybody but I was making fervent prayers to the Lord for, first of all, my heart because I felt bad that Ben had dented our friendship. So I needed healing from that.”

Ms. Njiru added that during that healing period, she was invested in prayer, and she asked God to break her future husband’s relationship at the time and trace his way to her. “Ladies let me give you a tip. If he is stuck in another relationship, you just need to go to the Lord with one fervent prayer and He hears. My prayer was that if my future partner is in a relationship, God will end that relationship and he will come running into my arms. I had that feeling that Ben and I were not over.”

Cyco, in a separate episode, also disclosed that his friends were against him marrying Wanjiru Njiru because of their belief system.

Cyco said most of them wanted him to marry from the church, and that on top of not liking Njiru, they were also against her dressing.

Speaking on their podcast The Joyride, Ben shared, “When I started hitting on Wanjiru, I mentioned it to my friends and most of them were from church. They were against me marrying her. They were like, ‘Is she saved? Are you sure?’ I decided to give this ‘Jezebel’ a chance but she would sometimes choma picha by showing up wearing a mini skirt when meeting my friends.”

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