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Love or hate Socialites? Here’s what we can still learn from them

Socialites. Many are popular for no reason at all other than they dated somebody famous, was a video vixen, has a large social media following, got involved in a publicized scandal like in instances of love triangles or were born and grew up rich and like showing off their wealth to the public.

On socials, these are often the men and women who are always flaunting spontaneous vacations, luxury fashion items, expensive vehicles and homes, hair and makeup, shoes and watches among other items. Not a single hour goes by without them setting standards by telling the public what they are up to including visiting the latest chill out spots, hotels and exclusive events.

Aside from those born with the silver spoon in their mouth, you don’t know when socialites work and you doubt if they actually have a stable job but somehow, they are rolling in dough. Some socialites do brand endorsements so we can understand where the money come from but what of those ambiguous ones whose scandalous private lives are public knowledge and it is known where they source these monies for ‘benefits’?

Well, love them or hate them, here are a few life skills we could learn from these people who simply known for being popular:

    1. You are addressed by how you dress- You will never come across a socialite looking like they just stepped out of the house to trash garbage in a bin and rush back in. These people will always have their clothes and every carefully chosen accessories on them before they can step out of their comfort zones. If you dress shabbily, you are attracting negative commentary but if your outfit is on point and you are looking like fire, you will be addressed with some semblance of respect and admiration.
    2. Personal branding- Socialites succeed in crafting their personal brand by curating a distinct image of themselves. We have socialites who brand themselves as business, music, and family enthusiasts among other faucets of life and hold fast to them when sharing details about their lives with the public. This skill can empower their followers and critics alike to express their individuality and establish a personal brand that aligns with their goals and values.
    3. Influencer communication- Socialites are influential in shaping trends and opinions. By observing their communication style and understanding their ability to engage and captivate an audience, socialites’ audiences can enhance their own communication skills and learn how to effectively convey their ideas and messages.
    4. Self confidence- Socialites have trained themselves to believe they are at the top of their game, that they can command attention whenever they enter a room and turn heads. This confidence can be emulated by their audiences especially if it serves to positively impact their lives with various opportunities.
  1. Networking- A socialite- or wannabe socialites- need networks to thrive. These networks can be in various areas of their lives including family, friends or corporate. Have you ever seen how socialites are ever on their feet meeting and greeting everyone? This is because they know they will meet someone who will change their life in one way or the other. Their audiences can learn that forming relationships with acquaintances can be leverage for personal and professional growth.

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