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Love, Scandals, and Clout: What to know about Size 8 and DJ Mo’s marriage

Love is nothing short of a rollercoaster of exhilarating highs and heart-wrenching lows.

In Kenyan showbiz, one couple that has managed to capture the attention of fans and critics alike with their melodious harmonies and tumultuous journey is celebrity couple, DJ Mo and Size 8.

Being one of the most long-serving social media celebrity couples, Size 8 and DJ Mo, who have two children have always served as a topic of discussion on many fronts where scandals and clout chasing have essentially become the spices in their love potion.

In the corridors of Nairobi’s gospel music scene, Size 8’s angelic voice charmed audiences and catapulted her to stardom. Enter DJ Mo, a charismatic turntable wizard with an infectious energy that set dance floors ablaze. Sparks flew when their paths intertwined, and love swiftly blossomed. Their wedding was the talk of the town, but little did anyone know what awaited them.

No marriage is without its trials and tribulations, and Size 8 and DJ Mo are no exception. From allegations of infidelity to social media drama, their marriage has seen more twists and turns than a telenovela plot. Yet, like the phoenix rising from the ashes, their love endured, leaving fans both bewildered and captivated.

The fame game often seduces celebrities into indulging in clout-chasing escapades, and this dynamic duo has had its fair share. From online PR stunts to attention-grabbing controversies, they’ve shown an uncanny ability to command headlines. Whether it’s a publicized spat or a strategic collaboration, Size 8 and DJ Mo’s clout-chasing tactics keep their fans guessing and their detractors talking. No wonder they keep landing ambassadorial and influencer gigs. Figures. 

Nonetheless, their marriage has seen its low lows in the public eye after infidelity rumors circled the couple like vultures, threatening to tear them apart following DJ Mo’s alleged cheating scandal. Whispers of the disk jockey’s wandering eye haunted their marital bliss, but just when it seemed the final curtain would fall, they shocked the world with a united front, publicly addressing the allegations with a tenacity that silenced their critics and left everyone in awe.

No couple these days can escape the clutches of social media drama, and Size 8 and DJ Mo learned this the hard way. Their virtual battleground became a spectacle as cryptic posts and unfollowing sprees fueled speculations of trouble in paradise. But true to their dramatic flair, they emerged stronger, transforming their conflicts into a catalyst for growth.

When it comes to seeking attention, Size 8 and DJ Mo are experts in their craft. Their strategic alliances with industry heavyweights and controversial collaborations have kept them on the lips of fans and foes alike. Whether it’s a viral challenge or a publicity stunt, this couple knows how to push the boundaries and keep their names in lights.

Looking at Size 8 and DJ Mo’s tumultuous journey, one thing becomes clear. They’ve managed to turn adversity into art. Their marriage may have weathered storms, but it’s also been a testament to resilience and unwavering commitment. Like a love ballad that enthralls us with its crescendos and pauses, their story keeps us hooked.

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