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Lovy Longomba; From secular singer to ‘miracle performer’.

Remember the Longomba twin musicians known for their favourite hits namely ‘Vuta Pumz’, ‘Dondosa’ and Queen?

The duo, namely Christian (now deceased) and Lovy, are originally from DR Congo but were handed a breakthrough and took the Kenyan music scene by storm in 2002.

They capitalised on a music background as their dad was a member of a Congolese band namely Super Mazembe, while their grandfather Vicky was part of the TPOK Jazz,

French-based Congolese musician is their uncle.

In the late 2000s, the brothers relocated to the USA where they worked with various established American musicians and released a couple of songs, including; What You Like, Got Paid, and Queen.

Meanwhile, Lovy rebranded his spiritual life and announced he was born again. He would then start the Revelation Church of Jesus Christ (RCJC) where he currently is the lead pastor.

Lovy visited Kenya in March this year following the death of his brother Christian and told Jalang’o TV in an interview that he bought his church about a year ago at $8,075,000 (Sh 880 million).

Meanwhile, the 37-year-old has elected to document his work on video-sharing social app TikTok which boasts more than 1000,000 followers. The work includes him reportedly performing miracles.

In some of the videos, he claims to open the eyes of the blind, heal a number of ailments including dislocated bone shifts, breast cancer tumors, and thyroid cancer.

His job description at the new workstation also includes reportedly casting Lucifer out.

In one video that has caught the attention of netizens, the former singer turned pastor is seen appearing to healing a woman who has not walked for six years.

“In the name of the father, son, and the holy spirit, your sins are taken away and your feet are being strengthened, your back is being restored in the name of Jesus,” he prays. Immediately, the woman with the help of a man starts walking towards pastor Lovy.