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Lowassa calls for Maasai unity in Ntimama’s burial

Former Tanzanian presidential aspirant Edward Lowassa on Wednesday called upon Maasai people to be united.

Speaking during the funeral of former Cabinet Minister William ole Ntimama, Mr Lowassa said Maasai people should be united and protect the interest of others without fighting.

“Mbunge mmoja kama bwana Nkaissery aite kikao pale Kajiado, Kajiado kumeendelea siku hizi, tukutane tuzungumze tufanye nini maana jambo hili linaendelea sana. Kule Tanzania kuna migogoro ya wakulima na wafugaji mingi sana kwa sababu hawaelewani. Kwa hiyo tukasema tukutane tuchambue hali hii tuangalie tutafanya nini,” said Mr Lowassa.

(A Cabinet Minister like Nkaissery should call a meeting in Kijiado, which is a very developed place. Lets meet and deliberate on what needs to be done because this issue is long overdue. In Tanzania there are so many conflicts between farmers and pastoralists because they don’t understand each other. We have therefore said we should meet and see what can be done about this issue.)

The Tanzanian politician who was clad in Maasai elders’ regalia thanked Ntimama’s widow for taking care of the veteran until his death calling upon the children to take care of their mother as well.

During the Tuesday requiem mass at the All Saints Cathedral Mr Lowassa said the late Ntimama championed land rights for the Maasai.