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Lower fares for city customers taking older taxis – Mondo Ride

Taxi-hailing app Mondo Ride has announced lower charges for customers opting to take older taxis, giving riders an extra choice to match their budgets.

The new option will see Mondo Ride customers pay a lower rate of Sh48 per kilometre, Sh3 for every minute spent on transit and a base fee of Sh100.

The firm’s standard service rates are Sh58 for every kilometre, Sh5 for every minute and a base fare of Sh100.

The announcement comes days after the firm announced that it would charge its drivers a Sh50 commission per every ride booked on its app, which is lower than the 25 per cent cut that Uber, the American rival, chops off its drivers’ earnings.

The head of Mondo Ride Africa, Joar Lindh said “the new product caters to older cars for clients who are more price oriented and less picky with cars.”

“We do not discriminate cars based on the year of their manufacture as long as they are well maintained. The service a taxi offers while under Mondo Ride is dependent on its current holistic view,” he said.

Mondo Ride gets to decide the type of service a car will offer after a thorough inspection.