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LSK sets up fund to cushion ‘thousands’ of needy lawyers

By Amina Wako April 28th, 2020 1 min read

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) has set up an emergency kitty to provide basic assistance to its members amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The directive by Chief Justice David Maraga to have the courts remain closed in the war against Covid-19 has left most of their members in dire need.

LSK President Nelson Havi said the money raised from the fund will be used to pay rent and purchase necessities such as food for their needy members, whom he said are in their thousands.

“The most immediate concern for us is to get food and rent for those affected. We are raising money and will be able to pay rent for those desperate and have been kicked out of their rental houses,” Havi said.

“As we speak right now, there are law firms which have sent their associates on unpaid compulsory leave, and we must move faster to help them,” he further said.


So far, lawyers have raised more than Sh150,000 in M-Pesa and Sh40,000 in Safaricom Bonga Points, which are now being redeemed for cash and shopping.

Havi has donated Sh10,000 while his deputy, Caroline Kamende, who initiated the fundraiser, has contributed Sh5,000.

Kamende said she has received numerous requests from members for assistance as the Covid-19 effects kick in.

“I have received numerous requests directly and indirectly from our members seeking assistance in one way or another, to meet their basic needs. We need to look out for each other bravely. We need to be our brother’s and sister’s keeper,” she said.