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LSK to sue administrator who poured local brew on helpless woman

Law Society of Kenya (LSK) president Nelson Havi has vowed to institute legal proceedings against a person he believes to be a local chief captured pouring a local brew on a helpless woman.

According to Havi, the woman appears to be physically challenged.

In an undated photo that has since elicited a debate on social media, the man donning provincial administration regalia is seen pouring a brownish liquid on the woman seated on a wooden bench.

A separate photo shows the woman seated on the ground helpless after all the contents of a jerrican are emptied on her by the national government administrator.

“The lady is from Turbo constituency, not so far from Soyshire. She will be traced in due course. So too, the chief. We will take legal action against the chief,” vowed the LSK boss.

BBC journalist Ferdinand Omondi also had his say in the matter stating: “Imagine how much wrong goes on in the village without accountability.”

“Another Twitter user added: “In many local settings people survive on brewing and selling the brew. The law should take its course when one is apprehended with legal brew.”

The photo that went viral has elicited varied reactions from Kenyans on social media.