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Lucky security guard gets Sh1m ride from Grand Mullah

Constitutional lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi has pledged Sh1 million to a lucky watchman he offered a lift to on Thursday evening.

Through his social media pages, the lawyer stated that the security officer, who works in Lavington covers 15km on foot to and from work as he lives near Lenana School with his two children and a wife.

During the ride, the two got talking and he opened up to the lawyer about his salary of Sh12,000 per month, his love for Malcom X and stories of life in the slum.

“He told me many things like his affection for Malcom X. the havoc the Sexual Offences Act has caused in the slums and then his family. He has two kids and he earns Sh 12K a month,” the Lawyer posted.


While dropping him off, Ahmednasir invited him and his wife to his home at a later date.

“He earns Sh 12K a month…I shed tears when he told me about his 2 kids. When he alighted, I gave him some money and he said ‘my kids will have SOUP tonight’…I also gave him my phone number. He is coming to see me on 15th February with his wife…and there and then I decided,” he added.

He added that he would give the man Sh 1 million to start a business. He noted the money will be a contribution from his clients, friends and himself.

“To pleasantly surprise him and his wife, when they come to see me on 15th, from my clients, friends and myself, I will give him and his wife Sh1 million to start some small biashara (business).

“I know we have millions like him but who said Allah can’t help his servant through another one?” he posed.

Netizens were pleased with the lawyer’s gesture.