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Lucy Gichuhi wades into ‘Nazi row’ in Australia

By EDDY KAGERA August 17th, 2018 1 min read

Kenyan-born Senator Lucy Gichuhi has waded into a race debate in Australia where a parliamentary colleague has been accused of whipping up anti-immigrants emotions.

Her fellow senator Fraser Anning is accused of making a speech similar to Nazi propaganda.

In his speech, Senator Anning said a plebiscite on which migrants came to Australia was the “final solution”.

The phrase was used in Nazi Germany to describe the plan to kill millions of Jews during World War II.

But in a terse statement in the senate, Senator Gichuhi said she was appalled that a Senator in Australia, “first world, not third world country” could use those kinds of words in public forum.

“Today and precisely last night was a very sad day for me. I have evidence this is multicultural at work. At what point are we going to say you are Australian, you are Australian. Full stop. Period. Finished. I do not have to be born here, all I need is to hold that citizenship certificate. Mine has been questioned many times . I happen to be Kenyan, Briton and Australian that is my history. Nobody in this Senate put me here except the High Court because Australian systems work and support multiculturalism,” said Mrs Gichuhi.

She went on: “I grew up in a civilised society. Call it third world, but it was civilised enough to prepare me to serve Australia in this Senate. I do not have to be asked where I came from, I know. What I’m asking this Senate whether I am here for a day or two is that can we deal with our prejudices first.”

You can view Ms Gichuhi’s speech here.