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Lucy Njambi laid to rest at grandmother’s farm

By MARY WAMBUI February 3rd, 2018 2 min read

The wife of a former MCA, Ms Lucy Njambi, was buried at her grandmother’s farm in Karembu in Gatundu South on Friday.

Ms Njambi, 24, who had been nicknamed ‘apple girl’, died on January 25 after she was raped and forced to swallow acid.

On Friday, the family picked her body from Kenyatta University funeral home at around 3am following reports that her husband’s family had obtained a court order seeking to bar her burial on her grandmother’s farm.

According to Kikuyu customs, Ms Njambi, who has a four-year-old boy, should have been buried at her husband’s home. However, with her husband being accused of having a hand in her death, the family said they were uncomfortable with that.

“We got information that the husband’s family had dug a grave and obtained a court order that they were planning to present to the mortuary officials in an attempt to block us from burying Njambi at her grandmother’s farm. The husband’s family wanted to bury her at their home in the neighbourhood,” said Ms Mario Nderi, a relative.


Security was enhanced when word went round that some men had been sent to disrupt the ceremony. At around 10am, the ceremony began even before the church leaders arrived.

Family, friends, human rights officials and politicians thronged the venue with speakers sharing fond memories of the last moments with Ms Njambi.

Ms Joy Marete, the owner of Jay’s Nail Parlour and her former employer, described her as kindhearted and hardworking.

“She was working at my parlour until recently when she cited family issues which she did not disclose,” said Ms Marete.

Her cousins, in song, wondered why tribulations seemed to be following their family.

According to the family, Ms Njambi’s mother died at a young age in similar circumstances and since then she had been living with her grandmother until she met her husband former Riruta MCA Mr Samuel Njoroge in 2012 and they got married the same year.


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“The history of Njambi and that of her family should push us to pray as we wait for justice to be served. To young couples, always give God room to intervene in times of conflict,” said area MCA Robert Githongo.

Area chief Samuel Kamau cautioned the community against speculating on the issue and warned couples against resorting to physical abuse and some times murder in times of conflict.

“I urge us to remain calm and strong and pray for an end to this wave of death that has hit marriages in the country,” he said.

Area assistant county commissioner Faith Onyango urged couples to separate from partners with whom they have been unable to resolve conflicts.

“When marriage fails, people should separate and learn to live with respect. The government will do everything in its power to bring the person who did that beastly act to book,” she said.

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria promised to look after Ms Njambi’s son while Kiambu woman representative Gathoni wa Muchomba promised to ensure justice for the family.