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Lulu Hassan: ‘Fighting in the bedroom’ the secret to a happy marriage

Celebrated Kenyan TV personality Lulu Hassan has let the cat out of the bag about the success of her 15-year marriage to Rashid Abdalla.

Far from the clichéd tales of love and harmony, Lulu, in a recent no-holds-barred interview at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC), offered an unconventional recipe for marital bliss, insisting that keeping their fights within the confines of their bedroom is the secret to their happiness.

If you thought Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla were your typical power couple, think again.

This candid interview revealed a refreshingly different side to their relationship, one that’s far from the picture-perfect public image they project.

Lulu, a mother of three, shared the intriguing story of how she and Rashid met. She explained that Rashid started as a friend at a time when she needed a shoulder to lean on, having recently lost her mother.

Rashid gradually transformed from a supportive friend into a crucial figure in her life, evolving into a loving husband, and now, they’re celebrating 15 years of marriage. In her words, “Rashid alikuja kama rafiki kwanza,” signifying that their connection was born out of friendship and mutual support.

“Unajua ile time mumefiliwa you need a shoulder to lean on and stuff hivyo ndio niliona rashid niliona huyu ni kama baba mwenye nilikuwa sina kwa familia. Hivyo ndio kidogo kidogo tu mapenzi ilikuja na sai tukona watoto watatu na 15 years in marriage (Picture that time when you are bereaved. That friends who comes and offers you a shoulder to lean on. I had that moment and that is when I settled on Rashid because as a father I did not have).”

What makes their marriage unique is the approach to conflict. Lulu revealed that they never quarrel openly; if they do have disagreements, they reserve them for the privacy of their bedroom, and the issues aren’t dragged into the next day.

“Sisi ni marafiki hatukorofishani na kama tutakorofishana tutakorofishana ndani ya room na hataiendelea hadi the next day. Hatujai beba makasiriko to the next day (We are friends who do not quarrel. If we have to, we do it in the room and this does not extend to the next day).”

This unorthodox practice of “fighting in bed” is their unique way of maintaining a peaceful and harmonious relationship.

Furthermore, Lulu gave kudos to Rashid’s character and his dedication to his work. She described him as a good husband and an excellent friend. She even fondly remembered a time when they had a “bad” dispute, implying that such incidents were rare and didn’t linger. She emphasized Rashid’s wisdom, love, and workaholic nature, showcasing her admiration for his qualities.

And speaking of their work, Lulu dispelled any notion that their success in the entertainment industry was handed to them on a silver platter. She underlined the arduous nature of their profession, debunking the myth that they are favored. Lulu clarified that they had to work diligently to reach their current status, often sacrificing sleep as they stayed up late and woke up early to meet the demanding demands of the industry.

“Truth be told hizi kazi si rahisi, musifikirie rashid na Lulu are favoured, we have worked for it. Mtu angekuwa kwa viatu zetu hangetoboa, hizi vitu si rahisi kulala tunalala very late na kuamka tunaamka very early (It has not been easy. Do not think that Rashid and Lulu are favoured. Some people who would not have made it in our shoes. We work hard, sleep late and wake up early).

Aside from co-hosting one of the most popular news channels, the celebrity couple are also involved in script writing and producing some of the most watched local shows on Kenyan television.

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