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Lulu Hassan sparks online debate with ‘marriage has no manual’ advice to newlyweds

Lulu Hassan has caused a stir across social media after sharing unconventional marriage advice with a newly wed couple.

In a trending video, the TV queen was captured delivering her thoughts on marriage, sparking both support and controversy.

“Don’t be deceived by anyone, marriage doesn’t come with a manual,” she began, setting the tone for her thought-provoking message.

The media personality continued, challenging societal norms by stating, “No one should dictate how you should treat your spouse. Disregard the general advice about how to act as a husband or wife.” She urged couples to refrain from comparing their relationships to what they see in the media, emphasizing that every marriage is unique.

“Put aside the notions we present on television; everything varies, do you understand?” Lulu passionately expressed.

Directly addressing the newlywed couple, she advised them to chart their own course. “We can guide you, but remember, Omar cannot be Rashid, and your wife cannot be Lulu. Don’t sit at home and envy, aspiring to be like us. It’s not that straightforward. I have my dynamics, and she has hers…”

Lulu highlighted the absence of a predefined manual for marriage, underscoring that couples must craft their own guidelines. “Marriage lacks a manual; therefore, it’s your responsibility to write your own,” she concluded, leaving a profound impact.

Concluding her message, the presenter extended well wishes to the couple, expressing gratitude to those present during the delivery of her unconventional counsel.

The video has ignited a wave of excitement among internet users, many of whom already consider Lulu Hassan a role model. Her own relationship with her husband, Rashid, is often regarded as the epitome of couple goals. However, this recent advice has also sparked heated debates among netizens, triggering discussions on the value of societal norms and individualism in marriages.

Supporters of Lulu’s stance commend her for breaking away from conventional wisdom, asserting that each marriage is a unique journey requiring personalized solutions. They appreciate her candid approach and her encouragement to newlyweds to define their own path.

Critics, on the other hand, argue that certain universal principles apply to successful marriages, and that Lulu’s advice might lead to disregard for valuable guidance. They contend that while individuality is important, fundamental values like communication, trust, and compromise remain essential.

In a world where relationship dynamics are constantly evolving, Lulu Hassan’s unconventional advice has ignited a necessary dialogue. It challenges couples to question established norms, emphasizing the importance of forging a path that aligns with their individuality while still acknowledging the value of timeless principles. Whether her words resonate as revolutionary or reckless, they have undoubtedly stirred the waters of marital discourse.

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