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Lung patient who melted hearts arrives from India, can now see and breathe – VIDEO

The lung patient whose struggles moved many Kenyans on social media has returned to the country after receiving treatment in India.

Gladys Kamande, whose collapsed lungs made her carry around an oxygen cylinder, can now breathe unaided for minutes and has regained her sight that was lost in 2010.

“From the lead doctor’s report, a few clots were blocking the optic nerve. That has been the cause of her blindness for more than 5 years. The doctors delicately ensured the clots were cleared and eventually Gladys regained her eyesight!” read an update from Ndungu Nyoro who marshalled Kenyans to donate millions to the patient.

Mr Nyoro who led the online funds drive that saw Kenyans donate Sh7 million towards Ms Kamande’s treatment thanked Kenyans for heading to the call to help as he briefed them on the patient’s treatment plan.


“What followed were various tests on her lungs. Indeed the doctors confirmed the lungs have suffered serious damage for a long duration. They tried several options including pumping oxygen directly to the lungs without necessarily taking it through the mouth.

“There is some slight improvement in the fact that Gladys can survive by breathing freely without the machines for some minutes. She however would require consistency in pumping in the oxygen until such a time her lungs will be stronger enough,” wrote Mr Nyoro.

Ms Kamande arrived back home on Wednesday to a warm reception by family and friends some she had never been able to see as she met them while still blind.

Mr Nyoro recorded a video of Ms Kamande thanking Kenyans for donating million towards her treatment in India.