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Lupita endorses Hillary Clinton for president

Oscar Award winning actress Lupita Nyong’o has urged Americans to vote for Democratic party candidate Hillary Clinton for president,  in her first ever political endorsement,

The actress took to her social media platforms Tuesday to declare her support for Mrs Clinton as Americans went to the polls.

Ms Nyong’o’s endorsement attracted mixed reactions from her followers.

montanantonio05 commented, “Lesser evil ??? Naaah! Put yourself in the hand of the GODS !”

esthergallegos added, “Lupita please inform yourself better about HRC political career. She is not better than Trump. She has caused tremendous damage to the African American community and all around the world. Please don’t do this ?”

samanthaurelia_2307 said, “I voted for Hillary too. Don’t know why I just love her. I knew that she is the person that has what it takes to be a president and be a great leader for America. @hillaryclinton @lupitanyongo #imwithher”

damiendollar2015 stated, “You can’t seriously believe that her or trump are the right people to lead the world .. keep off the hype, remember your common sense.”