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Lupita: vote my dad Prof Nyong’o as next Kisumu governor -VIDEO

Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o has sent a moving open letter to her father, Kisumu Senator Anyang’ Nyong’o, who is seeking to replace Jack Ranguma as the area governor.

In the letter, which is in form of a video shared on her Facebook and Instagram, Lupita roots for her father, narrating how he has been “cultivating a better future for Kenya even it was a threat to your life”.

“This is my open letter to my father Daddie, I love you and respect you. You have supported me all my life and I’m where I am because of you and mummy,” says Lupita on the video.

“Through your own example, you taught us how to be honest, hardworking and committed to humanity. You gave us the freedom to find ourselves, to pursue our interests, to grow and to excel.”

Lupita was born in Kenya but Prof Nyong’o and his wife Dorothy had to flee into exile during the oppressive Kanu regime.


In the 2.49-minute-long video, which has been shared more than 750 times on Facebook, Lupita recalls growing up in Nairobi and how her father always reminded her that Kisumu was her first home.

She also confesses her lover for the lakeside city, saying this was the reason she brought Vogue to feature it last year.

She then roots for her father, asking Kisumu electorate to vote for him on Monday, April 24, the day of ODM primaries in the county.

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“I support your bid to be governor of Kisumu county. I’m sorry I cannot be there right now because I am working on a new movie but you can count on my prayers and my support from afar,” she continues.

Watch the full open letter below.