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Lustful Kiambu MCA accused of impregnating a minor

A Kiambu MCA has been accused of impregnating a minor and refusing to pay for the child’s upkeep.

The girl’s guardians now say she has been forced to drop out of school to fend for her 10-month-old baby.

The MCA is said to have met the young girl during school holidays in April last year.

Both the MCA and the girl cannot be named for legal reasons.

The girl told Nairobi News that the politician took advantage of her innocence and refused to help her raise the child.


“We met when I was on holiday at a restaurant I used to work part time to raise money for school fees and when I explained my predicament to him, he promised to help me pay my school fees and upkeep,” recounted the girl amid tears.

She added that she gave in to his sexual advances as she wanted help since she is an orphan who lives with her grandmother in Kinoo.

“In May, I went back to school and he gave me Sh500 for pocket money, promising to pay my school fees directly to the school in the course of the term,” she said.

The MCA did not honour his side of the bargain and when she closed for holidays in August, she called him after suspecting she could be pregnant.

The politician asked her to take a pregnancy test and the results were positive.

The girl texted him and he has neither called back nor picked her calls since.


The then Form Two student at Gacheri Girls went to school for her third term while pregnant but was unable to report back early this year as she was due.

“I gave birth to a baby girl in February 7, 2014 with no financial help and not even a word from the father,” she said.

The girl then decided to seek help from the children department in Kikuyu who referred her to the National Legal Aid and Awareness Program (Naleap) as she could not meet the legal costs required.

Jane Kabiru, who was the District Children Officer in Kikuyu when the girl came for help, told Nairobi News that the matter was reported and she drafted a referral letter to Naleap.

“We tried contacting the MCA and he was uncooperative and since the girl is from a disadvantaged background and could not meet the costs we decided to refer her to Naleap who can assist her at no cost,” added Ms Kabiru.

Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung’wah also confirmed that he is aware of the matter and that he met the girl and her grandmother in his office on Monday.

“I got a text from the girl asking me to assist her get back to school as she had dropped out of school after being impregnated by an MCA,” said Mr Ichung’wah.


He added that he asked the girl to come to the office with her guardian so that they could discuss how she would be assisted using the constituency bursary fund.

“I did not want to be involved in the parental issue but I advised her to seek legal assistance for her child’s upkeep as I help her get back to school starting next year,” added the legislator.

When Nairobi News contacted the MCA, he refused to pick calls and did not respond to text messages asking him to respond to the allegations.

Social media sites are, however, awash with the accusations.