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5 luxury homes where Mugabe could enjoy his retirement – VIDEO

By DAVID KWALIMWA November 22nd, 2017 2 min read

Time is up for Robert Gabriel Mugabe aka Uncle Bob. His 37 year rule on Zimbabwe ended on Tuesday after days of negotiations for immunity and his retirement package with the army.

So what’s next for the 93-year-old former strongman and his family? Or better still, where next?

Courtesy of South Africa’s main broadcaster SABC, Nairobi News gives you a breakdown of the retirement homes at Mugabe’s disposal.

1. The ‘Blue roof’ – Located in Zimbabwe’s capital Harare, this is Mugabe’s current residence which is estimated to be worth 58 million Rand (about Sh402 million). Mugabe’s other family occasionally reside at this well guarded residence but it remains to be seen if this will be the case henceforth, especially considering the euphoria that greeted his resignation in the capital.

2. Borrowdale surburb – Another palatial home owned by the Mugabes own in the upmarket surburb of Borrowdale, in Harare. It is estimated to be worth 56 million Rand (Sh392 million).

3. Hong Kong – Mugabe and his family, which includes his wife Grace, can also opt to head of to Asia, where they own an apartment in Hong Kong which was however the subject to some legal wrangling sometime back after the property was reportedly purchased in a South African businessman’s name and he later claimed ownership of it. Coincidentally, Mugabe has always preferred to fly to Hong Kong for treatment.

4. Dubai – A rented a home in the United Arab Emirates capital, which Grace reportedly pays – wait for this – some 7,000,000 Rand (about Sh49 million) per month is another option for the Mugabes. The family also owns another palatial home in the same vicinity.

5. South Africa – The neighboring county has also been a home away from home for the Mugabes plus a number of Zimbabweans who have fled the country for economical reasons. Infact, the Mugabes two sons are permanently based in Johannesburg after grace bought a house for 45 million rand (Sh315 million) home in the wealthy Sandtown area.