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M-Pesa faces technical glitch as Kenyans on X post hilarious reactions

Mobile money transfers through M-Pesa on Tuesday, January 9, 2024, experienced delays in processing transactions.

The disruption reported a few minutes past 11 am, prompted Kenyans to express their frustrations online.

Philanthropist Ndungu Nyoro took to his official Facebook page, asking, “M-PESA yako inafanya? (Is your M-Pesa functional?)”

Numerous netizens responded, confirming that the mobile money transfer services were indeed not working.

“No, I tried to purchase bundles (mobile data), but it declined,” replied Sam Thuo.

Steve Ivy Kimani also affirmed that M-Pesa was not working, with Grace Kimani sharing her unsuccessful attempts to pay school fees.

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For individuals attempting to make purchases, payments, or settle bills through the mobile money transfer app, the response indicated, “MPESA is experiencing delays and is not able to accept your request. Please wait for 10 minutes before trying again.”

Some received automated messages stating, “Dear Customer, MPESA is currently undergoing maintenance and is unable to process your request. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Kenyans on social media humorously ridiculed the delay, sharing the challenges they faced due to the M-Pesa problem.

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@BigmanDarsil jokingly tweeted that Mpesa could make someone look suspicious as a thief in a supermarket.

M-Pesa, owned by Safaricom, a leading money transfer company, experienced delays at a critical time when parents are taking their children back to school.

Some pay the fees using mobile money transfer services.

Nyathi Asego humorously questioned, “Safaricom PLC, why did you close M-PESA on the first day of school?”

At the time of going to press time, Safaricom had not issued any statement regarding the technical hitch.

The company’s latest social media post, made two hours before the delay, encouraged users to have fun during the back-to-school period, promoting a data offer.

However, a client engaged with the company via social media customer services and was informed that they were experiencing “a technical issue affecting M-PESA.”