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M-Pesa, KCB most popular brands among women

Safaricom, M-Pesa and Always sanitary towels are among the most popular brands within women in Kenya in 2022.

This is according to a Consumer Market Study conducted by a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).

The research also reveal that women play a central role in decision making in the household with 69% of them critical in determining the purchase of products or services used in their households.

“In Kenya, the percentage of female-headed households is bigger than in other nearby markets. Close to 40% of households are female-headed. Meanwhile, 58% are working whilst 11% are currently unemployed and looking for work,” the report said.

Below are the lists of brands which made it to top 10 out of the 100.

1. Safaricom – This telecommunication network, considered among the biggest and most reliable in Africa, helps women to call, text and browse the internet for various purposes including entertainment and learning.

2. M-Pesa – This mobile banking service allows women to send, receive, spend, store or transfer money through their mobile phone at ease.

3. Airtel – This telecommunication network helps in calling, text and browsing the internet.

4. Equity – Ranked the biggest Bank in Kenya, it helps in offering various services to its clients including storing money and issuing loans.

5. Arimis – This petroleum jelly originally meant for milking is used as a skin care product and is available countrywide at an affordable price.

6. Always– This menstrual hygiene product comes in handy during the time of the month.

7. Coca-Cola – This carbonated soft drink is widely preferred due to the ‘happiness’ emphasized by the products marketers.

8. Naivas – Defined as the largest supermarket chain in Kenya with quite a number of outlets, Naivas offers retailer affordability and accessibility.

9. GOtv – This paid television terrestrial service in Africa owned by broadcaster MultiChoice is preferred for its variety of programs at a cheap price.

10. Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) – This financial services institution in Kenya offers products and services to the commercial sector.