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Maandy joins Spotify’s Equal artiste of the month roster

Maandy, a Kenyan musician known for her witty, edgy, and danceable music style says she is quite shy in real life despite her bold personality and expressive through her music.

Maandy was recently announced as Spotify’s Equal Africa ambassador for the month of May, joining the ranks of other Kenyan female musicians like Muthoni DQ, Nikita Kering’ and Xeniah Manasseh.

The Equal Africa programme aims to spotlight and amplify the voices of female African artists, breaking down barriers and amplifying their music for global listenership.

Maandy has since expressed her excitement and appreciation for being part of the programme, saying it acknowledges and values her work as a woman in a male-dominated industry.

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Spotify’s Head of Music in Sub-Saharan Africa, Phiona Okumu, highlighted Maandy’s contributions to the genre and pledges continued support as she grows as an artiste.

“We are very proud of Maandy and her contributions to the genre and will continue to support her as she grows as an artist,” Phoina said.

Speaking about her journey into music, Maandy said she was drawn to music from a young age. After completing her high school education, she knew that pursuing music as a career was her true calling.

“I honestly never saw myself seated behind a desk, working a 9am to 5pm job. I would say my reason for pursuing this craft is, music makes me feel like I belong, and I feel like that’s one thing all of us desire, just to feel like you belong.”

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Maandy added that she listened to a lot of Kenyan artistes, particularly street music from Ogopa Records and Genge from the likes of Mejja, Ratatat, and Lady S.

“It was the women who did the Genge sound that inspired me to become the writer I am today, and I still listen to their work.”

Her latest release, Tena, is a club banger that has been receiving massive airplay on radio and in clubs.

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