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Maasai Mara, Tanzania tops Easter Google searches

The Easter season is here, and Kenyans are searching online for holiday destinations, product offers and concerts to engage in to rekindle memorable experiences.

The Google Easter Search Trends indicate the Easter weekend has provided a shopping opportunity where businesses announce discounts for their various products and services.

Sharon Machira, Google’s Communications and Public Affairs Manager in Kenya says a search engine is a useful tool that helps people explore and discover a world of information.

“It helps them create wholesome experiences at home and away. Even when it comes to travel and holiday destinations, people trust Google Search to help them with answers to their biggest questions,” she said.

The search trends show Easter online offers dominated searches with many also seeking items to decorate their homes, choose gifts for loved ones, especially children.

Many Kenyans appear set for major outings as search for holiday hotel offers with Nairobi, Mombasa and Maasai Mara emerging as favourite locations followed by Tanzania, United Kingdom (UK) and Germany for exotic experiences.

Kenyans also searched for information on how the dates to celebrate Easter are globally selected.

Easter carols, meaning of Easter, Christ thorn for Easter and the 14 days of Easter topped local searches revealing an intimate need for Kenyans to heed their spiritual nourishment.

The Google Easter Trends results also showed many Kenyans were looking for major concerts taking place during Easter.

Concerts are traditionally planned by religious organisations and entertainment clubs across the country.

Music searches also featured prominently with Kenyans looking for the latest releases on Easter-themed songs.

Below are the Easter trends for what Kenyans searched for.

1. Easter offers

2. 2022 Easter Holidays

3. Easter meaning

4. Easter decorations

5. Easter carols

6. Places to visit for Easter weekend Kenya

7. 14 days of Easter

8. What determines the day Easter falls on?

9. Christ thorn for Easter

10. Easter holiday concerts Kenya