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Machakos herbalist reports ‘conmen’ to Police

Annah Mutheu, a renowned herbalist and witch doctor has filed a complaint with the police claiming people are conning unsuspecting Kenyans using her name.

In the report at the KBC Police Station in Machakos, Mutheu claimed some people she did not know are attending to clients using her name while offering them fake medicine and receiving money.

The 42-year-old says she reported to the police after several people posing as clients threatened to expose her to the media if she does not agree to their terms and conditions.

“There are several people who are conning Kenyans using my name and they want to work with me to continue with their business of conning Kenyans,” she said.

Mutheu says over 30 people are using her name to con unsuspecting Kenyans. Some of these con people have been posted her video on YouTube and given their contact details in the said video.

“Hundreds of Kenyans have been conned using my name by these people who are mimicking my Kamba (vernacular) accent.”

In her report to the police, Mutheu claims over 100 people have gone to her workplace claiming her medicine did not work despite the fact that she did not treat them.

She narrated how a young lady who went to her office in Tala claimed she separated from her boyfriend and she wanted Mutheu’s medicine to get him back.

“The police have not arrested the culprits and I’m worried at the rate more people have come to me claiming they have been treated by my people and the medicine has not worked,” she lamented.

“I only have two numbers 0712883093 and 0704147832 all other numbers are con numbers.”