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Machete-wielding man storms his employer’s office demanding his salary

July 21st, 2020 1 min read

An amateur video is making its rounds on social media showing a man armed with a machete demanding for his five months salary.

In the video, the man who is standing at a door step is hear shouting, telling his Asian employer to pay him his salary.


“Na sign, nikisign, unipatie mshahara yangu (I am signing, but once I sign you pay me),” the angry man is heard saying.

The Asian man then intervenes and asks him why he has stormed his business armed with a machete.

He goes ahead to tells him that he is ready to pay him but after he signs some documents.

“Weka kando panga wewe nitakulipa after umesign (Put the machete aside, I will pay you after you have signed the documents),” the Asian tells him.


However, the man threatens to end his employer’s life if he doesn’t get paid.

“Kabla polisi wafike hapa nitakuwa nimekuua (Before the police arrive here I will have killed you)” he says.

The Asian tries to call the gate guard to assist and throw him out of the business premises but he is informed that they are all scared.

When one of the workers tries to calm down the enraged man, the Asian asks him not to engage him.