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It’s a mad rush back to Nairobi as holiday season ends

By COLLINS OMULO December 31st, 2017 1 min read

Life is quickly returning to Nairobi as the festive season concludes with most dwellers who went upcountry to celebrate Christmas beginning trooping back to the city.

Nairobi had been reduced to a ghost city the whole of this week, but the next two days are expected to see a mad rush back by Nairobians with the opening of schools, colleges and some universities set for next week.

Bumping into a trolley full of luggage, a child carrying a chicken from upcountry and members of a family walking together towards their respective bus termini is now becoming a common occurrence in the erstwhile empty streets.\


The areas adjacent to Afya Centre and Machakos country bus, in particular, are becoming more and more crowded with travellers arriving from upcountry.

There is a similar buildup of people just behind Afya Centre, where there are termini for Rift Valley and North Rift Shuttles same as the area around the booking offices for Easy Coach services and Guardian Buses along Haile Selassie Avenue.

The long queues that were witnessed at the booking areas before and on Christmas Day have now been replaced with clusters of passengers alighting from rural areas with others lining up at the parcel and packages office to pick items sent by relatives from upcountry.

Travelers are also arriving from the coast in the area around Accra Road within the city’s CBD.