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Madaraka Day: Memorable quotes by presidents from previous celebrations

Here are some memorable quotes by past presidents during previous Madaraka Day celebrations as Kenya marks 60 years of self-rule:


Any Government with a responsible approach to the evolving national interest must always pay attention to the future of the country’s younger people. We have looked upon education as a fundamental human right while recognising the need to prepare young people for the day when burdens of responsibility will be theirs to carry.

Jomo Kenyatta Madaraka Day, 1974

Let us continue together in the noble task of promoting social and economic change, defending our rightful heritage, and always being ready to extend goodwill to others. Time has proved that the preservation of human dignity in freedom creates and preserves peace, stability, and unity.

Madaraka Day, 1978

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We live in a changing world and must adjust to the circumstances of the times. Even though we are making commendable economic progress, we face enormous challenges ahead. The cost of imported oil continues to rise.

Daniel arap Moi Madaraka Day, 1990

We can only talk of growth and development in our nation when we have peace and security. Security takes the centre role, be it in our families, our communities and in our nation. My Government is taking seriously the threats posed by armed criminals and those bent on inciting ethnic tensions leading to clashes. Madaraka Day, 2001

My vision for the future is for a calmer and more confident Kenya where endless confrontation no longer dominates the domestic agenda. I want to see a nation where political differences do not mean personal antagonism.

Madaraka Day, 1997

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With regard to communication, we recognise that Information Communications Technology will determine the winners and losers in the new global economy. Today, over three million Kenyans have mobile phones, while the number of landlines stands at 330,000.

Mwai Kibaki Madaraka Day, 2004

We must recognize, however, that there cannot be traffic police officers at every junction and roundabout to control us. We must, therefore, develop a sense of personal responsibility and observe order on our roads.

Madaraka Day, 2012

As your President, I believe in Kenya’s young people; you are my partners in remaking this nation. If men and women of your age could conceive and build Kenya, then we must be open to your energy and hope.


Uhuru Kenyatta Madaraka Day, 2016

The price of liberating the Nation is not the price of growing the Nation. We have to pay a higher price to keep and nurture our freedom. And part of this price is to be trustworthy stewards of what our Founding Fathers passed down to us.

Madaraka Day, 2022

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