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Magelo bans miniskirts in chamber

Dress code.

Women County Reps will not be allowed to enter the County Assembly in miniskirts.

Speaker Alex Ole Magelo wants women to dress in knee-length skirt suits or trousers.

Magelo has also demanded that no member should enter the Assembly carrying a newspaper.

Still, no member should browse from their Ipads while debate is going on.

The order on dress code comes in the wake of complaints by male members that women members  were dressing provocatively leading to a fashion contest.

“ From where I sit, I can see the mode of dressing is inappropriate. There is no respect for the Assembly floor and women members must not give men an excuse to view them just as women,” said Mr Magelo.

Male members are required to have a blazer and a tie before entering the debating chamber.

Magelo said nominated female members were most affected saying the competition among them for attention had created bad blood among them.

“There is a lot of policing among female members. The witch hunting is too much,” he said.

The order came hot on heels of a physical altercation between two nominated County representatives where matters related to their private relationships were cited as a cause of their conflict.

The fight between  Cord’s Petronilla Nafula and Immaculate Musya is now under police investigations.

Mr Magelo also banned the reading of newspapers during sessions.

Several members normally saunter in with newspapers as debate goes on.

“We must take assembly sessions seriously. If you are in, you cannot read  a newspaper,” ordered an agitated Magelo.