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Magelo caught in city hotel brawl with ‘Uhuru haters’

By COLLINS OMULO September 13th, 2017 2 min read

Two men have accused former Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Alex Ole Magelo of assaulting them after they made disparaging remarks about President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Mr Magelo is alleged to have slapped a certain Mr Kennedy Ochola twice and hit a Mr Okoth on the forehead outside a city hotel after a confrontation among the three.

The two allegedly made a slur against President Kenyatta on Tuesday moments before re-opening of Parliament.

Mr Ochola and Mr Okoth were having lunch as they watched the live coverage while Mr Magelo was having tea with a friend.


It is alleged that after his attention was drawn by the remarks of the two men, an infuriated Mr Magelo rose from his seat and confronted them.

He then pulled them outside the hotel and slapped Mr Ochola twice. He then hit Mr Okoth with his fist on the forehead when he insisted Ochola was right in his remarks.

Mr Ochola warned Mr Magelo that he would sue him. “He has no right to attack me for saying what I said about Uhuru (Kenyatta),” Ochola said as he was pulled away by his friend.

However, enquiries at Central Police Station indicated the two had not reported the assault by yesterday afternoon.


When reached for comment, Mr Magelo admitted that such an incident occurred but said that he was left incensed by the ‘vulgar’ language the two men were using towards the President prompting him to throw the two men outside the hotel.

“Yes such an incident happened. The two men were insulting the President using unprintable words and according to our Maasai culture you cannot insult somebody older than you. I don’t even know them. You can’t abuse the President in my presence. They said very stupid things,” Mr Magelo told the Nation by phone on Wednesday.

He said that the two were deliberately insulting the President so as to draw his attention and when he confronted them, they became wild prompting the commotion that ensued.

“They wanted to attack me when I confronted them asking them why they were abusing Mr Kenyatta. That is when I pushed them outside the hotel at the taxi bay. I hear that they have gone to the police,” he said.