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‘Magical’ DP Ruto commissions project before its due date – PHOTOS

Kenyans are amazed by Deputy President William Ruto’s vigour to commission projects around the country, including those meant to be commissioned in the future.

On Wednesday, DP Ruto commissioned a classroom block in Murang’a County, although the commissioning plaque indicated the event was meant for the next day, April 4.

In a Facebook post, in which he attached 15 photos of the event, the DP said; “Investing in education infrastructure is key for an optimal learning environment, effective instruction of learners and a check on dropout rates. It promotes skills development, proficiency and readies the youth to drive the wheels of the economy.”


He then captioned the photos thus; “With the community of Kamahuha Girls High School, Maragua, Murang’a County.”

Kenyans online noticed the peculiar plaque on one of the photos.

Immediately the photo went public, Kenyans began questioning how Dr Ruto had managed to accomplish a ‘tomorrow’s’ job.

“@WilliamsRuto is overworking. Today is Wednesday 3rd April 2019 but Ruto has already attended tomorrow’s event….. Today! Wow ?,” Mars Tech ‏@MarsTech001 said on Twitter.

And as BISHOP™ @LilKoima woke up on Thursday he wondered “Good Morning Mama Africa. While I was still in Bed, Dr. Ruto ameshafungua classroom ama alifanya kazi ya leo jana? Very workaholic guy.”

Many Kenyans could not avoid seeing the passion in the DP to serve Kenyans Ike Kenneth observing “William Ruto is overworking! He’s even done tomorrow’s work?.”