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Magistrate amuses court after ordering suspects to shake hands – PHOTOS

By Joseph Ndunda November 9th, 2019 1 min read

Makadara chief magistrate Heston Nyaga on Friday amused court attendees when he ordered two men separately charged with assaulting one another to shake hands.

Muva Mutambuki was charged with assaulting and causing actual bodily harms on Moses Omondi. A few minutes later Omondi was also charged with assaulting Mutambuki.

Nyaga recalled Mutambuki after Omondi said they had reconciled and both agreed to withdraw charges against each other.

Members of public were amused after were amused when Nyaga directed the two to make “serious handshake” in the dock. The two were freed immediately.

Muva Mutambuki and Moses Omondi shake hands in dock after being charged with assaulting each other. PHOTO | JOSEPH NDUNDA

Mutambuki and Omondi had fought on August 30 at a house in Kaloleni after Omondi went to demand for his Sh2,000 from Mutambuki.

An argument had ensued before they took to a fight. They later reported the incident, separately at Makongeni police station.