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Magix Enga: I don’t regret joining Illuminati

Celebrated music producer Magix Enga says he’s been a member of the Illuminati for close to a decade.

In a recent interview with vlogger Presenter Ali, Enga, also known as Beat King, says being a member of the secret cult enabled his career to flourish but ended up costing him a lot.

The flamboyant producer narrated how he was drowning in poverty when a mysterious woman approached him and made him an offer he could not turn down due to the circumstances back then.

“I was 23-24 when I joined. Right now I’m turning 30. I used to stay with KRG the Don, doing my music, then with time it wasn’t as reliable. I met with anonymous management. There have been people talking about Illuminati. Illuminati is real, and people should stop joking about it,” he said.

Magix Enga, who dabbles as a videographer further added that many people thought he was always clout chasing when he showcased his lavish lifestyle and deals with international artists, which wasn’t the case.

“There’s a white woman who approached me and we had a meeting. She started asking me why life is hard on me as she saw potential in me in regard to music. She told me she would link me up with top producers and music giants and the first musician she linked me with at that point was DJ Khaled. People thought I was chasing clout but I wasn’t.”

He adds that he doesn’t regret doing what he did as it’s what he needed at the time.

“She told me that she can change my life in the next one or two months if I was up for it. I used to pray a lot, and I still believe in God. All in all, I did whatever I did. Nobody was sacrificed.”

He further stated that it was through Illuminati that he was able to buy his first car.

“I bought my first car with that money. People shouldn’t joke about it, it is real,” he said.

After living lavishly for some years, the singer decided to reconnect with his spiritual side but turned out to be harder than he had anticipated.

“Eventually everything in my life was peachy, businesses booming, studio growing, and money never became an issue again. I started partying a lot and all. I then decided to start praying again, and I was praying a lot, then one day I got into an accident. I didn’t understand what happened exactly because I was alone on that road.”

It was when he got so committed to his spiritual devotion that things started changing in his life. All that he had slowly started fading away.

“I got back to work, and I was still communicating with the lady who introduced me to this world. But I continued praying and I got saved. But the more I prayed, the more I lost. All that I had acquired, started vanishing slowly. I left the Illuminati life, and decided to let nature take its course.”

Illuminati is the name associated with a secret cult that is known to make people rich and famous.