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Magix Enga: Illuminati interview was a publicity stunt

Renowned producer Magix Enga now admits he was chasing clout when he claimed to have been an illuminati in a previous interview.

The producer, real name Njenga Chege, recently shocked the entertainment industry with this claim. It led to Kenyans on Twitter discussing whether or not the claims were legit even as he sensationally claimed to have accumulated some of his wealth after joining the cult.

But he now appears to have changed tact.

“How is this funny video (about me being an illuminati) still trending?” he posed.

“Taking jokes to the next level. No shortcuts in this life. Work hard my friend and Pray. But Illuminati is real to those who believe. I used to hear about them too just like you guys. Thank you for the views.”

Putting emphasis on hit clout chasing stunt, the producer clarified he was simply acting and that it was all a joke. “I’m still  in my twenties with a bunch of big songs on YouTube and I remain number one top producer come artist in Africa. What do you expect if not jokes?

The songwriter also revealed he’d released new hits which he has uploaded to his YouTube channel.

“I released 5 music videos on my YouTube channel. Visit and don’t forget to subscribe.”