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Magoha insists gay students be day scholars

By Hillary Kimuyu February 15th, 2022 1 min read

Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha insists gay students should not be allowed in boarding schools.

Magoha stressed that such learners should be day scholars closer to their parents where responsibility will be prioritized.

“I said if you are a homosexual in a boarding school and you are hopping from a bed of another student to another, your rights end there,” he said.

“You can be a good homosexual who does not disturb anybody you go and do your thing when you are out of school.”

Magoha also dismissed claims that he is against homosexuals and made it clear that boarding schools will not tolerate learners he described as “invasive and manipulative.”

“I am not against homosexuals but you are going to move from 1,2,3,4 beds, those we have proclaimed that they shall be day scholars. That will put them closer to their parents who I think they have the first responsibility to talk to them, there is nothing unfair there,” he added.

“No one has told you to go and disturb another person’s child. Why don’t you wait until you go home, go to the streets, and do what you want?” he posed.

The CS came under criticism late last month after directing headteachers to kick out gay students from boarding schools.

In January members of the LGBTQ community protested over Magoha’s remarks arguing that the CS is already seen as a threat towards LGBTQ kids and the broader queer community.

“Education must be accessible to every child of a country despite any title attached to them,” Marylize Buibwa, the convener of the procession said.