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Magoha orders schools to refund 2nd and 3rd term fees

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has directed schools to refund second and third term fees to parents who had already paid.

Speaking in Taveta on Wednesday, Prof Magoha said that fees paid for the first term was well spent and when schools reopen in 2021 parents will have to pay for the first term fees.

However, parents who had already paid fees for the second and third terms will either be refunded or come to an agreement with the school.

“Let us be realistic here, the first term fees was spent and it is lost so don’t even think that we are going to sit down with you to waste time. Second term was not there, somebody who had paid fees should be refunded,” Prof Magoha said.

He says, if the school has already used the money for a particular project, then a meeting between them and the parents should be called to explain their situation.

“If there are issues that happen at any particular school that requires that the parents and teachers sit down together with the headteacher and he convinces them that you know this is what I did I want you to help me approve it. Then you discuss it and approve,” Prof Magoha explained.

“Otherwise everyone expects that the fees paid for the second term will be refunded to you or will go to account for the second term. I don’t know why Kenyans are very complicated. It is simple and straightforward.”

The CS on Tuesday announced that schools will reopen in 2021. He said all learners from grade one to four, standard five to seven and form one to three 2020, will remain in the current classes in 2021.