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Magoha’s widow shares memories of how she met her late husband

Dr Barbara Magoha, the wife of the late former Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha, has spoken about her married life with the deceased whom she described as a loving and caring man.

Speaking on Tuesday at her home in Lavington, Nairobi Dr Magoha also recalled the late professor’s unorthodox marriage proposal.

She recounted how a month after they met, Prof Magoha told everyone they knew that they were going to get married.

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“Exactly one months after we met he started telling people that we are going to get married, and that is the first time we quarreled. I asked him why and he told me that he knew I would not accept his proposal since he is not Nigerian, so now it was up to me to tell people why we cannot get married,” she recalled.

The couple ended up getting married and despite the difference in their cultures Dr Magoha said her late husband always put her first and took very good care of her.

“When we got married and I was pregnant with my son, I was in between life and death with my blood pressure. He told me if this pregnancy is all about this, then it is a closed case. When I had my son, because of the blood pressure, I did not have any milk and you can’t imagine by 6:30 am I had a glass of freshly squeezed juice by him every morning before he went to work,” she said.

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The grieving widow also said that apart from being a caring husband, Prof Magoha also shared a close relationship with his mother-in-law.

“Another day I will tell you why his closeness to my mother was so strong that when my mother passed on it was like he had lost a part of him. He almost broke down in church. Another incident was when I had a near fatal accident 24 years ago. I had a head-on collision it around 2am. I was taken to hospital and I called him to tell him that I was in hospital. The first thing he said when he saw me was he wanted me alive with or without the leg,” she said.

Prof Magoha died on January 25, following a cardiac arrest.

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