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President Magufuli sacks 10,000 civil servants at a go

Tanzanian President John Magufuli has instantly sacked 9,932 workers who have been found using fake certificates.

Speaking after receiving a report on public servants certificates verification, Dr Magufuli said salaries for the nearly 10,000 employees for this month should be withheld.

He directed the Prime Minister, Kassim Majaliwa that posts, which were being held by the fake certificates holders, should be announced immediately.

“They are thieves like any other thieves… you cannot perform if you don’t have deserving qualifications,” he said.

He further ordered that other civil servants whose certificates have been found with discrepancies should be treated legally “so that they could be jailed for seven years as the law says.”


He noted that operations to verify public servants certificates will compliment earlier exercise by the government to identify phantom employees, President John Magufuli has declared.

He said this in his address after receiving a report on the verification of public servants certificates from the stet minister in the President’s office, Ms Angela Kairuki at Udom’s Chimwaga hall.

President Magufuli reiterated that government was losing Sh19.84 billion (Ksh945 million) monthly to ghost workers.

Speaking earlier, Minister Kairuki noted that a total of 435,000 had their certificates verified, whereby 9,932 civil servants were found with forged certificates.

According to Ms Kairuki 1,538 academic certificates were used by 3,076 public servants.